Noelinho, site author
Copyright: Evija Pakalnina, July 2011


So, you’ve come across my website. Maybe you’ve read a few of the things I’ve written. But people are nosy, they always want to know more. So, I guess, you’re on this page because you want to know more about me. Well, if you insist, I guess I could tell you a little bit more.

My name’s Noel. I live in glorious Glasgow, in Scotland. I say glorious… when the sun is out for the three days a year that it shines, it really is glorious, but when it isn’t out, it can be quite miserable. But that provides a great excuse to escape somewhere else!

Like you’ll have seen from the quick summary of this site, I have some big passions. Formula 1. Politics. Eurovision. I have more, too – american football, learning foreign languages and photography are all quite high on the list, as is cycling.

I an active kinda guy, although that is balanced by a large chunk of time stuck in front of a chair on my computer, or on my iPad. I’m a Christian, and I go to a baptist church. Oh, and I like cats.

And tea. I love tea.

Now, if that’s not enough for you, and you still feel the need to know more, I’m just going to suggest maybe you’re getting a little bit creepy…