Below are the current standings for the 2012 Fantasy F1 Championship, up to and including the Singapore Grand Prix.

Where two or more entrants are tied on points, the entrant with the most overall points wins the tie break.

Drivers’ Championship

1alexsRed Bull Rogues1871092
2SchueyFanLotus Legends176945
3lizzy91Mighty McLaren137942
4sallyRed Bull Rogues134955
5BookoiMastercard Marussia Lola126916
6Monza972Failed Force India123963
7NoelinhoForza Ferrari120921
8MrE004Mastercard Marussia Lola115912
9forzavaleMenacing Mercedes106980
10SchumiStarMenacing Mercedes106947
11sasjagLotus Legends95942
12jkbluesFailed Force India89746
13marcHopeless Racing Team78704
14timHopeless Racing Team66799
15m_in_mConfused Caterham62672
16damonsmedleyWayward Williams59278
17IcthyesTerrible Toro Rosso55687
18RatonedgeWayward Williams53612
19Anthony SomersetSlow Sauber44212
20StephForza Ferrari35587
21simonilesConfused Caterham23408
22rtg44Slow Sauber19229
23Ads21Terrible Toro Rosso1286
24martin_dMighty McLaren0222

Constructors’ Standings

1Red Bull Rogues3212047
2Lotus Legends2711887
3Mastercard Marussia Lola2411828
4Menacing Mercedes2121927
5Failed Force India2121709
6Forza Ferrari1551508
7Hopeless Racing Team1441503
8Mighty McLaren1371164
9Wayward Williams112890
10Confused Caterham851080
11Terrible Toro Rosso67773
12Slow Sauber63441