Woman finds heartfelt note her father wrote before his death in unlikely place

While searching through her late fathers belongings, nine years after he died, a woman has found a touching note he hoped would be found. Amy Clukey took to Twitter to share the sentimental moment, revealing a handwritten note that is dated 27th June 2012.

The tweet reads: “Note from my dad found in his bee keeping equipment nine years after his death. He is missed.” The short letter, written in pencil on what appears to be branded paper from a hardware company, details Clukey’s father’s passion for beekeeping.

The heart-warming note begins: “I hope this note is found by one of my children who is curious about beekeeping,” which makes it all the more sweet that his daughter found it over a decade later.

Encouraging his family to partake in his beekeeping passion, the note continues: “Beekeeping is actually pretty easy and you can learn everything you need to know online.”

The late father’s message about the importance of bees is even more pertinent 10 years on, as climate change, pesticides and habitat loss are causing a worldwide bee colony collapse, according to Greenpeace.

The note explains: “Bees make more products than honey and as a hobby it can be a good source of extra income”.

While the thread inspired discussions around the importance of bees in the eco-system, the note’s heartfelt sign-off is the part that left many people in tears.

It says: “Don’t be afraid, have courage. Good luck. Love Dad.”

The viral post has more than 190,000 likes on Twitter, with many people sharing their emotional response to the letter.

One person who re-shared the tweet said “Who’s cutting onions?!” while another added “I did not need to cry on the train thanks”.

Others took the opportunity to reflect on memories with their late parents and encouraged Clukey to cherish the uncovered note.

One commenter shared: “I lost my dad in 2002, if I found this note I would get that quote tattooed in his exact handwriting and look at it every day.”

In an emotional exchange between strangers, one person commented on the post and said: “I needed this thread tonight. My dad is in the last few weeks of his life battling terminal cancer. I’ll come back to the thread in a couple months when I need it again.”

Clukey, the original poster, responded to the message: “My father wrote this when he had terminal lung cancer. It was incredibly hard for him and for all of us who loved him. I wish you the best in the weeks to come.”

Another Twitter user shared their own note from their late father, who passed away in 2014. The comment says: “My dad (passed in 2014) loved gardening and after I bought my first place, which had a tiny yard, he created a plan for me, including cutouts of what each plant looks like. I will keep it forever.”

The charming note features clippings of different plants, as well as a hand-drawn floor plan for the garden.

Many Twitter users took to the thread to encourage Clukey to continue her late father’s hobby in the hope of continuing his legacy. In a reply that will certainly pull at the heartstrings, the woman confirms that she has tried her hand at her own pollinator garden.

Responding to someone pondering whether bees like their beekeepers, Clukey said: “I planted a pollinator garden and while researching how to set one up I read that bees learn the faces of humans who work around them in the garden and therefore aren’t aggressive. So I don’t know if they like beekeepers, but they knew his face.”

Clukey, who is an Associate Professor of English according to her Twitter bio, continued the thread by posting a photo of her and her father, which was taken “the summer he wrote this note” according to the caption.

“I was not expecting this post to get so much attention, but I think my dad would’ve appreciated it”, she added.