Pensioner confronts neighbour for filling up kids’ paddling pool during drought

Brits facing hosepipe bans have aired their thoughts with a “policing” pensioner already confronting her neighbour about filling up their pool.

New measures will hit the UK next Friday banning people from using a hose to water their gardens or clean their cars, with some reservoir levels running 20 per cent lower than normal for this time of year.

But pensioner Pauline said she has already given her neighbours a telling off despite the rules not yet being in force, reports Hull Live.

The bold resident, from Hull, could not hold her tongue when she saw the family fill up their paddling pool during drought conditions.

“You’re not supposed to be filling that paddling pool,” she told them while their children were about to take a dip in the hot weather.

An amber warning was issued for extreme heat in the area last week with temperatures peaking at 27C on Sunday.

Despite her neighbours explaining it was for the children, Pauline fiercely defended her stance and told them that what they were doing was wrong.

When asked about the ban, she said: “I think it is necessary. If they have to have it then they have to have it.”

Others in Hull shared their thoughts on the looming hosepipe ban which was announced by Yorkshire Water on Friday.

Shannon Stark, 20, said: “People won’t listen. People can change their minds and change what they decide to do so it won’t be a good idea.”

The jobseeker said that if she caught her neighbours using their hosepipe, she would probably talk to them about it.

“I wouldn’t have a go but I would talk to them face to face and explain not to use it”, she added.

While fitness coach Aaron Mentesano said the ban is “a bit stupid” and that he wouldn’t do anything if he saw somebody breaking the rules.

“Sometimes you need to use your hosepipe. I don’t think many people will listen,” the 24-year-old said.

Retiree Bob Smith, 75, said he supports the ban – but would not confront anyone he saw breaking the rules saying “don’t upset the neighbours.”

“I use my hosepipe every day to water my garden but I suppose they’ve got to do it,” he continued.

“I don’t know how long it’ll last. But you’ll still get so many people who won’t bother, will anything actively happen?”